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I am honoured to be your School Trustee for Ward 9. I look forward to working alongside you toward a better future for our kids.

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I believe in public education.

Now more than ever we need a strong school board that is engaged, accountable and active. As we enter into a time of pandemic recovery, we are facing teacher burnout, disengaged students, and widespread mental health challenges among children. We must focus on providing quality academics, while taking care of our students, teachers, and other frontline workers who got us through the pandemic.


As a parent and teacher, I know what it takes to create real change in the education system.


What's New?

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I was proud to participate in this year's scholarship ceremony for The George Heshka Scholarship for Digital Innovation. I brought greetings on behalf of the Winnipeg School Division at an event where 23 Sisler CREATE were awarded scholarships to Vancouver Film School (VFS), thanks to contributions from VFS and The Schroeder Foundation. They awarded over $677,000 in scholarships! These students have very bright futures. 


About Ann

I live in the North End of Winnipeg with my husband, son, and daughter. As a parent, teacher, and special educator, I am passionate about making sure all students get the best education, support, and resources possible. With over 25 years of experience in the education sector (both in Canada and overseas), I know what it takes to create real change. I am currently an instructor at the University of Winnipeg and hold a degree in Education, BA (Honours) in psychology, and a Master's Degree in Education I serve on the Board of MAFTI (Manitoba Association of Filipino Teachers) and as the Board Secretary of the UPAA-MB (University of the Philippines Alumni and Associates in Manitoba). I am also the lead advocate for WINCOM (Winnipeg Consular Movement), the call to have a Philippine Consulate Office in Manitoba. I have recently been elected as one of the Alumni's Board of Directors governing the University of Winnipeg, called the Alumni Council. I also served as a Board Member of Steps2Work, an organization that helps individuals with employment barriers to obtain and maintain employment.




A Strong, Accountable School Board 

We need school trustees that listen to WSD families and ensure schools are meeting their needs. I want to see a culture of leadership, accountability and transparency at the school board level. I want to see systems in place that allow families to be heard by the school division and have their concerns addressed. 


Support for Students with Disabilities 

All students deserve the opportunity to succeed. Robust supports for students with mental and physical disabilities need to be a top priority in our system. Families should not have to fight for their children to access what others take for granted. We need to give schools the resources they need to make all student feel welcome and supported.


Pathways to Post-Secondary and Jobs 

I want to see students thrive in their school years and beyond. No matter what they choose to do after they graduate, youth should be empowered to build a bright future for themselves. We need to prioritize university/vocational readiness and work placement opportunities that help set students up for success. 


Food Programs for Vulnerable Children 

Children cannot learn on an empty stomach – yet so many students go hungry during their school day. I want to see comprehensive food programs in schools where students are dealing with food insecurity. We need to draw on community partners to help provide these and other resources for students. 

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